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Massimo Bottura

Fait Maison #24 | Massimo Bottura and Family – Osteria Francescana and Kitchen Quarantine


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Massimo Bottura, chef of Osteria Francescana, has launched Kitchen Quarantine on Instagram with his family

So our guest today is not one guest, but a whole family. The family of a very famous italian chef ! He holds 3 Michelin stars with his restaurant Osteria Francescana which is considered by many as the best restaurant in the world. He is also behind the non-profit organisation Food For Soul.

This initiative in Paris is called Refettorio Paris and was launched in March 2018 in the crypts of the Madeleine church. This restaurant offers meals to the homeless and refugees while fighting against food waste.

We are today with Massimo, Lara, Charlie and Alexa Bottura.

In this episode the Bottura family shares with us how they are facing the crisis with optimism and thinking about the future.

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